Thursday, June 30, 2005

- Brain Word Banned By Government

According to a recent report, a department of the Government of Northern Ireland has banned the use of the word "brainstorm" because it determined that epileptics might be offended. A citizens group, the Plain English Campaign (CPE) complained that the decision had 'reached the point of real ridicule'.

The Campaign for Plain English has been in a ongoing battle with the Coalition for Responsible, Appropriate Pontification (CRAP) over word banning. CRAP said that it also encouraged the Government to ban the terms brain-fart and brain-dump as inappropriate scattalogical references. A CRAP spokesman said they were working to ban the term brain-freeze as offensive to stroke victims and bird-brain as offensive to anyone compared to Senator Byrd. CRAP said they are in discussions with a blogger to change the name of his offensive site Brainster. CRAP is also opposed to the use of the terms brain-dead, no-brainer and brain-teasers as being offensive to those with brain damage.

CRAP spokesman said that they were working to ban an use of the term "Einstein" when it was used to refer to anyone in a derogatory manner. A CRAP spokesman said, "We are keeping a close eye on the use of the term "Schiavo" as in "Frist really schiavoed that video diagnosis". So far, there have been only a few cases reported but we want to ban any offensive term quickly because once it gains acceptance, it spreads like a virus."
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