Thursday, June 23, 2005

- California Joins New York in Fight for Sex Offender Viagra Rights

Spokesman for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Nuisance said that he was pleased that the intense lobbying efforts of the "community" had paid off with the California Assembly adopting a program to provide free Viagra to convicted sex offenders.

Arnold the Governator said, “Viagra is legal and these people have paid their debt to society. There is no reason we shouldn't help them re-integrate into "normal" society. I took steroids when I was bodybuilding to achieve peak performance. Viagra is just another performance enhancing drug and has been important in increasing the productivity of the adult film industry in California.

New York was the first state to adopt a program of free Viagra for sex offenders and has actually had the program in place for over five years. A spokesman for NAMBLA in New York said, “This is a positive development for our cause but this is the just the first of many steps in breaking down the rampant “ageism” in our society. We look forward to the day when all men and boys are free to openly express their sexuality without fear of reprisal from bigots and homophobes.

Progressive supporters said that now that New York and California have implemented this program it is only a matter of time before all the states adopt it. A spokesman said, “We have a grass roots effort to enact this legislation in every state. We thought that we would get the law enacted in New Jersey in 2004 but we suffered a temporary set back when the Governor resigned.”
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