Sunday, June 26, 2005

- Cheney In Last Throes of Life

When asked about the an exclusive report from Huffington's Post titled "Cheney Checks Into Vail Hospital" which was vetted by Jim Lampley, a spokeman for Vice President Dick Cheney said that, "he is in the last throes of his life."

When asked to verify the report and clarify the VPs medical condition , the spokesman said, "He never checked into a Hospital. There is really nothing to worry about. When we say "last throes" we mean he will probably live from one day to thirty years."

When asked for comment, President Bush said, "When he said that thing the other day, I thought he meant "last throws", like a relief pitcher warming up on the mound. I didn't really understand what Dick meant by that, but I didn't ask him about it because he gets cranky when I ask too many questions." END OF STORY!
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