Thursday, July 07, 2005

- Armed Victim Plagiarized by NY Times

Armed Victim announced today that his blog had been plagiarized in an incident similar to that of the theft of material from Pirate Ballerina by WorldNetDaily News.

I broke the story, "Senate Decides to Clone Justice O'Connor", on July 3rd and on July 7th, the NY Times ran the story "Democrats Adopt O'Connor as Model for Bush Court Pick". I think anyone who looks at the two stories can see they are nearly identical. It is very offensive for these traditional media types to be stealing content from serious journalists like myself, Stephen Hawking and Frank J", said the Armed Victim.

Asked for further comment the Armed Victim said, "It's clear that those neo-imperialist, evil corporate conglomeratis are anti-blogmetic. They have been spewing their hate-filled message via their shills like Alex Beam and Gary Trudeau. A revolution is underway and we are dismantling their main-stream-media world piece by piece. We will not rest until we put them all out of business! Also, my lawyer will be contacting them to get proper attribution and an apology published on the front page of the Sunday Times as well as as a suitable monetary settlement for the pain and suffering this has caused me and my family."

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