Saturday, July 09, 2005

- Citizens of Kentucky's 37th Senate Distict Auction Vacant Seat on Ebay

A spokesman for the citizens of Kentucky's 37th Senate District said that they had reached agreement with the State Senate and Franklin County judge and planned to auction a vacant Senate seat on Ebay to raise revenue for their District.

The spokesman said, "The Franklin County Judge overuled the State Senate after they decided to seat the winner of the election who was determined to be unqualifed to run by the County judge after the election. So, we are in limbo with no representation since the State Senate appealed the case to the State Supreme Court when they lost the case in the County Court. Did you get that?"

"In the meantime, we have taxation without representation so it is only fair that we be allowed to raise some money to off-set our taxes. So, we decided to auction off the seat on Ebay and to split the proceeds with the State Senate and County Court. We expect many lawyers and lobbyists who already have connections in Frankfort will come forward to bid for the seat. Whoever wins it will be able to cut deals and add some amendments to legislation so they can legally line their own pockets when they are removed from the office by the State Supreme Court decision. That's just the way modern politics works and we have to adapt."
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