Monday, July 11, 2005

- Democratic Operatives Say Rove Leaked Withdrawal Memo

Unnamed Democratic operatives said today that they believe Karl Rove was behind the secret British memo that says the US and Britain will withdraw the majority of their troops from Iraq in 2006.
"We think this is simply a tactic by Evil Karl to divert attention from the CIA agent disclosure case. But, if the memo is authentic that presents a huge problem for us in the 2006 Congressional elections. See, the only thing we have to run on in 2006 is being against Bush, since we haven't done anything but obstruct and vilify the Republicans for the last six years. If the Iraqi government and Iraqi military are stable enough to operate independently, and our troops levels are drawn down significantly by November 2006, that could be construed as success in Iraq. That perception would be a disaster for us in both House and Senate races. And, if we lose those races, we probably won't win the White House in 2008. While we have been demanding an exit strategy and withdrawal from Iraq, I'm afraid this might really bite us in the ass."
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