Saturday, July 09, 2005

- Emminent Domain Name Ruling Goes for Google

Attorneys for Google announced today that they had won a suit against an individual who they charged with "typosquatting" on their domain. Google was awarded ownership of several of the individual's virtual properties.

A Google spokesman and said they would develop these properties and expand their use for the "good of the public". A County Supervisor noted that these properties would generate additional tax revenue for the Board of Supervisors to spend on unneccessary projects.

The losers attorney said, "We never really had a chance. Those billionaires had an army of lawyers and the politicians in their pocket. The case was just a formality. The decision had already been made. This is a sad day in cyber history. Property rights were a founding principal of the Internet. Without property rights any person's cyber property can be taken away arbitrarily at any time."
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