Saturday, July 09, 2005

- Historian Zen Proves Churchill's Indian Ancestry

Based on a recently discovered archive of Native American history, historian Howard Zen has conclusively established that Ward Churchill is "Indigenous".

Commenting on his research Zen said, "Objectivity is impossible but I have proof that on his father's side of the family Mr. Churchill is directly descended from an American Indian that participated in the Boston Tea Party. In addition, I established ancestral links on his mother’s side of the family to Grey Owl, an important environmental activist that lived in what is now known as Canada. Grey Owl is a descendant of Wacousta. Wacousta was a close ally of Chief Pontiac and his life provided the inspiration for the famous Canadian biography by historian John Richardson.”

Zen continued, “I think it is easy to see that Mr. Churchill inherited many of his ancestor’s characteristics. For example, the Indians that participated in the Boston Tea Party were resisting a tyrannical government and Ward's forefathers were right there. Grey Owl dedicated himself to stopping the Canadian government from destroying Native lands making him an innovator in environmental protection. Wacousta spoke truth to power and waged armed struggle against many governments to remain free. I think the following short description of the book “Wacousta” goes a long way in explaining Ward's inherited behavior.

"Set on the northwest frontier during the Pontiac conspiracy of the 1760s, this story of false identity, wasted love, diabolic vengeance and unquenchable hatred articulates themes and mythologies relevant to French, British, Canadian and American history."

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