Monday, July 11, 2005

- Hurricane Critics Say Dennis was Over-hyped

Several Hurricane critics gave Hurricane Dennis a thumbs down today as it left the theater. One critic said, "Dennis was supposed to be the first blockbuster hurricane of the summer but it didn't fulfill expectations."

Another critic said, "It was doomed from the start. I think audiences are weary from all the hurricanes last year. "Ivan the Terrible" was awesome, but there wasn't much excitement for a sequel called "Dennis the Menace". It used exactly the same plot line as the original, destroying Floribama again. I think if Dennis would have hit Miami directly that would have drawn a bigger audience. It would have had broader ethnic appeal and they could have had a bunch of super-models in bikinis getting washed down the streets of South Beach. Now that would have been exciting."

Another critic lamented, "The acting in Dennis was totally forgettable. We had a predictable performance from Jeb Bush as the concerned Governor, but no one can even remember who played the head of FEMA and that was supposed to be one of the key roles.”

An industry insider said Ivan cost over $7 billion, but they only expected the sequel "Dennis" to cost about $3 billion, less than half of the original. “We hope things improve or the whole hurricane season could be a bust. Even if we have a few big hits this fall I don't think we will be able to equal the cost of last years holiday blockbuster, "Tsunami"," said the insider.
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