Thursday, July 07, 2005

- Melee Breaks Out At Wind Farm Protest

A riot broke out today outside the Alameda County Courthouse when activists from the Center for Biodiversity and PETA clashed with activists from the Sierra Club. The former group is suing the wind farm operators to shut down all wind farms because bald eagles are being killed when the birds collide with the spinning wind turbine blades. The Sierra Club insists that the wind turbines stay in operation to "increase the use of alternative energy sources" even if a few birds have to die as a result.

An observer said the trouble started when some harmless granola throwing escalated into a heated exchange of insults. The observer said, "Someone from the Sierra Club called a guy from PETA a "cat killer" and asked how he liked the new website "PETA Kills Animals". The PETA protester replied, "It's all lies you anti-immigration racist"." "After that all hell broke loose as the two groups attacked each other", said the observer.

A spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff reported that there were over one-hundred people involved in the fighting and five arrests were made on various charges. The officer said, "There were several minor injuries and one serious injury. One victim sustained massive head injuries when he was repeatedly beaten about the head with multiple Birkenstocks. We could have stopped it sooner than we did, but many of these folks are the same ones we arrest for throwing rocks and damaging property every time there is a WTO meeting or some other demonstration in San Francisco or Berkeley. Since they were outside the courthouse, we decided to just let them slug it out for awhile before we tear gassed them."

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