Sunday, July 17, 2005

- Valerie Plame Responsible for Bad Iraqi WMD Intel

L - Wilson & Plame at recent Demo fundraiser
R - Wilson with Plame (under cover)

An unnamed source disclosed today that Valerie Plame was solely responsible for the bad intelligence that lead George Tenet to tell George Bush that Iraqi WMD intelligence was a "slam dunk". The source, who leaked on triple super-duper secret background said, "It seems that this was a scheme by the Wilson's to embarass the Bush administration by fooling them into going to war in Iraq. They figured the Democrats would easily win the 2004 Presidential election if it was determined that there were no WMDs in Iraq. That way, Mr. Wilson would be able to get a job in the new administration and wouldn't have to depend on his wife to find him work. Unfortunately, Evil Karl Rove altered the voting machines in Ohio remotely via the Internet just prior to poles closing and poor John Kerry was robbed of the victory that was cleary his as of 6 PM on election day."
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